Penglais Campus

The Penglais Campus occupies a site of about 32 hectares to the south of the A487 Penglais Road on the north east side Aberystwyth town. The site slopes  approximately 90m from east to west and the close proximity to the sea and to exposure from prevailing south -westerly winds, makes the campus one of the most exposed in Britain. This exposure limits the choice of plant selection, a factor that has been well understood by our landscape designers and horticultural advisors.

The design of the buildings and landscape have been carefully designed to take  advantage of the sloping site. Student accommodation halls are located in the  eastern part of the site with the faculty and administration buildings within the central areas. Pantycelyn, the former halls of residence, is located to the western area.

The landscape is extensive and has been carefully chosen to complement the modern buildings and to tolerate the exposed coastal position. Other factors considered in the planting is the mild climate which allows for a unique range of plant species, and the slopes where large scale ground cover planting has been effectively used.

The planting screens buildings, car parks and service areas and generally enhances the setting of the buildings. The extent, density and variety of the planting is unusual for a modern University Campus and it contributes significantly to the special character and quality of the Penglais campus.

The campus is screened from the A487 and Cefn Llan road by a tree belt of mixed conifers and evergreen shrubs.

A detailed account of the Campus planting and landscape is available from the links below.


Brenda Colvin Influence 

Sir Percy Thomas Architects Landscape Plan