Tree Survey

In 2016 & 2020the University commissioned Wharton Tree and Ecology Consultants to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the existing trees.  Each tree was assessed for its condition and safety and several trees were recorded as requiring urgent safety surgery work. 

Each tree has been recorded with an identification tag. The report is a valuable document for the future management of our existing trees.

Within the Cadw registered site, The Penglais Campus and Y Plas Grounds have 53 ‘County Champion’ trees of which 25 are ‘Welsh Champions’.

The long-term vision is envisaged as retaining and managing the tree resource to achieve many objectives. These include:

  • The encouragement of emergent native tree species in some of the woodland areas to develop into an Oak, native woodland. This will also include the reduction of invasive species such as Bramble, and Sycamore and Holly.
  • To conserve the historic and cultural reference of the trees in the historic areas. This will include protection of historic routes and retention of woodland screening and framing of views to and from the west.
  • To maintain reasonable safety margins for site users and neighbouring third party interests and reduce the risk of threats.
  • To conserve and enhance the local ecology including habitat management for rare or endangered species.
  • To enhance the visitor awareness of the unique ‘sense of place’ and retain any visual enhancement from the tree cover.
  • Maintaining natural light levels to the faculty buildings is of major importance

There are no Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) on the main Campus. However, there is a small group of trees on Penglais hill that are in the progress of being preserved, and there are a small set of trees adjacent to Pentre Jane Morgan. There is a woodland area to the West of the Science Park, where there is a 2.7 ha incorporated with a TPO.