Department of History & Welsh History

History Research Seminars



Semester I


Seminars will be held

5 PM in D54, Hugh Owen Building

All welcome!


4 October                   Richard Rathbone (Aberystwyth & SOAS)

Rethinking Human Sacrifice and Wondering About the Humans Who Were Sacrificed


11 October                 Paul Binski (Cambridge)

                                    Matthew Paris the Artist


18 October                Jeremy Taylor (Nottingham)

“Films, songs or fountain pens”: Late Colonial Responses to Chinese Media in Britain’s East Asian Empire


25 October                 Elizabeth Tyler (York)

England in Europe: The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the Eleventh Century


1 November               Richard Blakemore (Reading)

Seafarers, Empire, and Identity in Britain and the Atlantic, c. 1580-1730


15 November             Gerd Althoff (Münster)

Conventiculum, conspiratio, coniuratio. The political Power of Sworn Associations in Processes of Decision-making


23 November             Ian Brown (SOAS)

(Thursday, C4)          Hanging Rebels in Late Colonial Burma and Legal Process


29 November             Arddun Arwyn (Aberystwyth)

‘Cannibals in the Ruins’: German Memories of Everyday Life in Northern East Prussia (Kaliningrad Oblast), 1945-48


6 December                Elizabeth Boyle (Maynooth)

                                    Writing the History of the Assyrian and Persian Empires

in Medieval Ireland


13 December              Jacob Dengate (Aberystwyth)

                                    An Insurgent Gothic? Chartism and the

example of the French Revolution, 1838-1852