Halal Information

Aberystwyth University is a multicultural community, with students, staff and visitors who have differing religious and non-religious beliefs and ethics. Aberystwyth Hospitality is committed to ensuring that services provided meet the needs of this diverse community.

We do strive to source Halal certified/ “Halal-sourced” meat for specific services and menu items in line with our recognition of the diverse needs of our customers.

Many of our outlets within Aberystwyth University have Halal labelled foods available.

We would kindly ask for students to talk to us when you arrive to Aberystwyth University if there is anything specific that you would like us to provide.

In the Student shop and Sguborfach (our convenience store at Fferm Penglais) we stock a range of Halal groceries as well as Halal beef and chicken as standard. Again, we are more than happy to order in any specific products that students might want us to source. A list of what is available from our outlets is as follows:-

Food Hall

All our food is prepared fresh, so it is not a problem to cater for any specific requirements.

  • Most Chicken dishes and identified as Halal
  • Selected beef dishes (availability dependant) and identified as Halal
  • Vegan and vegetarian breakfast items
  • Halal dishes on our cooked to order menu (7 days a week)
  • Grab and go items
  • As standard there is a daily vegan and vegetarian choices available.
  • Vegan and vegetarian salad bar

Siop yr hwb

  • Selection of sandwiches
  • Halal Frozen meats (Diced chicken, chicken breasts, beef burgers, diced beef and minced beef)
  • Halal Frozen chicken nuggets and popcorn chicken
  • BOL noodles
  • Variety of vegan and vegetarian items

Student Union Shop

  • Halal Frozen meats (Beef burgers, diced beef, minced beef, chicken breasts)
  • Selection of Halal sandwiches
  • Ko-lee Noodles
  • Selection of confectionary
  • Variety of vegan and vegetarian items
  • Vegan and vegetarian salad bar


  • Selection of Halal sandwiches
  • Variety of vegan and vegetarian items

Art Centre

  • Selected Halal chicken dishes
  • Daily vegan and vegetarian choices

Please note these are subject to availability from suppliers


Our Halal Code of Practice for Food preparation

Codes of practice for the production and service of “Halal-sourced” dishes Any Halal meat supplied by our butcher will be Halal certified and labelled with the Halal logo.

  • Halal meat is covered, labelled and segregated (within the same refrigerator/ freezer) from other meat products
  • Staff wash their hands before the preparation of Halal products.
  • Where appropriate, staff wear new disposable gloves before the preparation of Halal products.
  • Preparation surfaces, boards, knives and equipment are washed and sanitised before the preparation of Halal products.
  • The dish does not contain: alcohol, pork or pork derivatives e.g. bacon, ham, sausage, gelatine from animal source or lard
  • All oils and fats used in the preparation and cooking of Halal dishes are of Rapeseed origin.
  • Cheese used as part of the dish is vegetarian i.e. does not contain rennet from animal origin.
  • Where ever practicable Halal food is cooked in a separate oven. Where this is not possible the food is covered and the Halal dish placed above other dishes to minimise the risk of cross contamination.
  • During service, separate utensils are used for the service of Halal dishes.
  • All production and service staff are trained in the above codes of practice.

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