HR Operational Action Plan for 2013/14

The HR Operational Action Plan for 2013/14 has been presented as part of the Planning Round and outlines the objectives for the 2013/14 academic year to reflect the University’s strategic plan. The action plan was presented to Professional Development & Staffing Committee (PD&SC) in June 2013.

PD&SC thanked the HR team for their work over the past year and for the clarity of the proposals for the forthcoming year. The Committee also noted that this kind of action plan was very useful and important in terms of both long and short term planning and recommended that this format be used as an exemplar across other  University  departments.

The Operational Action Plan was shared with the HR team at an Away Day on 20 June 2013.  The ‘team objectives’ would then form the basis for discussions at the individual team members’ staff development and performance review.  That way the individual objectives feed in to the achievement of the team objectives which in turn will drive the delivery of aspects of the University’s Strategic Plan.  Photos from the Away Day also show a presentation given by Professor Richard Maggraf-Turley on Public Engagement.

HR Team Objectives 2013/14 (PDF)