Biological Safety Committee

The Biological Safety Committee provide information, support, expertise, technical guidance, and advice for all staff working with biological materials. It will also have oversight of all activity which may present a biological risk to humans and escalates operational issues of concern for investigation and resolution.



  1. Chair - Professor Karl Hoffmann – Academic Lead VetHub1
  2. DLS Senior Scientific Officer - Rob Darby
  3. DLS VetHub1 Laboratory Manager – Dr Chris Pirson
  4. Health, Safety & Environment (Scientific) Advisor – Caroline Fitzpatrick

Members selected to represent the different areas of biological hazard use:

  1. IBERS: Professor Joe Gallagher
  2. IBERS: David Bryant
  3. Department of Life Sciences: Dr. Amanda Gibson
  4. Department of Life Sciences: Dr. Arwyn Edwards
  5. Department of Life Sciences: Dr Rhys Thatcher
  6. Psychology: Alexander Taylor | Matt Wilby
  7. Aberinnovation: Andrew Rowbottom
  8. Vet School: Professor Darrell Abernathy
  9. Nursing School: Angharad Jones | Gwyn Jones

In attendance:

At the discretion of the Chair other University officers/staff, as may be appropriate, shall be invited to  attend meetings.

  • Department of Life Sciences: Professor Gareth Griffiths
  • Department of Life Sciences: Professor Luis Mur
  • Health Safety and Environment Manager: Claire Williams


For further information on the Biological Safety Committee, please contact Jackie Sayce (