General Actions

If you can see, hear or feel a fire:

  1. Operate the nearest fire alarm.
  2. Alert the Emergency Services from a telephone/mobile in a safe location.
  3. Leave the building by the nearest available exit, closing your room door on the way out.
  4. Proceed to your local assembly point.
  5. Do not fight the fire unless trained and it is safe to do so.
  6. Obey the instructions of Fire Marshals.
  7. Do not use lifts. (unless they are designated for fire evacuation)
  8. Do not re-enter the building until authorised to do so.

If you hear the alarms in a building, evacuate promptly, closing doors behind you as you go.

Do not call the emergency services unless you can see, hear or feel a fire.


Follow local fire action procedures.

See Fire Safety Procedures for the building.

Mobility or Sensory Impaired

Staff and Students

The production of Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for staff and students is coordinated by the Health, Safety and Environment Office

If you think you require a PEEP please contact the HS&E Office and we will arrange to meet with you.


Generic arrangements are in place within the buildings open to the general public (Arts Centre, Sports Centre, HO Library, Hospitality venues). Further information can be obtained from the Reception areas of these buildings.

AU staff who are planning to host a visitor with a relevant mobility or sensory impairment are responsible to ensure that suitable arrangements are made prior to the visit (in general this will simply be to make sure that the visitor is hosted in locations where access and egress are equal, noting that lifts should not be used if the fire alarms are activated). Please contact the HS&E Office if you need advice on these matters when you are planning to host a visit.

Organisers of conferences and other meetings at the University can seek advice from the AU Conference Office.

Fire Alarms - Evacuation from Teaching Rooms

All teaching staff are reminded that should the fire alarms activate during a teaching session then you are responsible for promptly evacuating your class to the appropriate assembly point via the shortest safe route.

Therefore, you should be familiar with the arrangements in each relevant building (Fire Action information is posted in corridors. Escape routes are indicated by white arrows on a green background accompanied by a running man symbol).

If a student in your class has special needs that may affect evacuation then please discuss with the HS&E Office.

Note: Llandinam and Hugh Owen Arts operate a zoned fire alarm system due to their large size. If the alarm sounds 'intermittently' then prepare to evacuate; if the alarm sound should change to 'continuous' then evacuate immediately. (In the HO Libraries please follow the instructions of the Fire Marshals)


Fire (AU Buildings Fire Safety Manuals)

Deaf Alerter System

How to use a Fire Extinguisher