Emergency Contacts

Emergency Services

Fire, Ambulance, Police, Coastguard:

  • 9999 (from internal AU telephone)
  • 999 (from payphones or mobiles)

First Aiders

First Aid at Work (FAW) Staff November 20 (First Aid at Work Certificated)

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) Staff January 20 (Emergency First Aid at Work Certificated)

Alternatively, contact AU Telephone Operators (during working hours) by dialling 222 (internally) or 01970 623 111 on a mobile and request a First Aider - stay on the line to give exact location details and obtain confirmation that aid is on its way.

Site Security

  • 01970 622649 (external)
  • 2649 (internal)
  • 07889 596220 (mobile telephone )

Halls of Residence

General contact telephone numbers:

  • 2900 (internal)
  • 01970 622900 (external / mobile phone)

n.b. for Mobile Telephone Users

For Mobile Telephone users the Universal Emergency Number in Europe (inc UK) is 112

Note mobiles will connect to the best signal irrespective of network provider.

For information on Emergency Numbers around the World