To flower or not to flower

26 April 2012

An unusual strain of plant that never flowers has enabled scientists to isolate a gene that is essential for the formation of the branches on which flowers form.

Funding fuels development of bioenergy crop

26 April 2012

New single, integrated Miscanthus breeding programme to speed commercial advances

Animal behaviour on the BBC

17 April 2012

The programme was recorded at the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour (ASAB)’s conference, held at Aberystwyth University from 11th – 13th April, where over 150 experts gathered to discuss the latest developments.

Science Week 2012

04 April 2012

On 13th- 15th of March the Sport Science Department was involved in 'Science and Engineering Week', a national scheme held annually, to involve children in science.

Diabetics to be screened at University

04 April 2012

Local people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes are to be screened at the Department of Sport and Exercise Science at Aberystwyth University as part of their annual health checks.

A mammoth study

04 April 2012

Aberystwyth University IBERS scientists Prof Paul Shaw and Dr Niall McKeown contribute to study that suggests the last known population of woolly mammoths did not "inevitably" die out because of inbreeding and lack of genetic diversity.

Top scores for degree schemes at IBERS

11 April 2013

Aberystwyth University amongst leaders in student satisfaction