Aberystwyth researcher’s ‘future star’ award for sustainable food project

15 October 2020

An Aberystwyth academic has been recognised as a top talent by the UK’s research and innovation body with support for his sustainable food study.

First Minister celebrates 10 years of investment to build a greener economy

14 October 2020

Wales’ First Minister will join university bio research and technology experts and innovative industry representatives in a virtual event tomorrow (Thursday 15th October) to celebrate a decade of investing in green jobs.

Science report highlights challenge in meeting UK net zero carbon goals for livestock

02 October 2020

An independent report assessing the carbon intensity of all UK livestock production systems has identified that currently available technologies cannot deliver even half the industry’s 2050 carbon emissions reduction goal.

Simple urine test using posted samples can track what we eat, drink and smoke

29 September 2020

Scientists at the universities of Aberystwyth, Newcastle and Imperial College have developed a revolutionary urine test which can accurately detect more than 50 different types of foods in a person’s diet.

Viruses on glaciers challenge views on evolutionary ‘arms race’

03 September 2020

Findings by an international team of scientists studying life on the surface of glaciers in the Arctic and Alps are changing our understanding of how viruses develop.

Baby alpacas born at upland research centre

04 August 2020

A herd of alpaca at Aberystwyth University’s upland research centre welcomed two new arrivals during the Covid-19 lockdown.

EU funding boost for climate change research

01 August 2020

Three major research projects involving Aberystwyth University scientists have been awarded additional European Union funding of €4.5m (£3.9m).

Launch of Ireland-Wales project on effects of climate change on coastal bird habitats

21 July 2020

A major study looking at the effects of climate change on the habitats of two species of coastal bird in Wales and Ireland will be officially launched on Thursday 23 July 2020.

New University spinout company to develop diagnostic tests for human and animal diseases

16 July 2020

An innovative collaboration be­­­­tween scientists at Aberystwyth University and industry could lead to a breakthrough in the early detection o­­­­f chronic diseases in humans and animals.