Launch of Ireland-Wales project on effects of climate change on coastal bird habitats

21 July 2020

A major study looking at the effects of climate change on the habitats of two species of coastal bird in Wales and Ireland will be officially launched on Thursday 23 July 2020.

New University spinout company to develop diagnostic tests for human and animal diseases

16 July 2020

An innovative collaboration be­­­­tween scientists at Aberystwyth University and industry could lead to a breakthrough in the early detection o­­­­f chronic diseases in humans and animals.

Biological clocks keep ticking in the high Arctic summer

15 July 2020

Researchers have found that the natural biological clocks of tiny marine organisms continue to function even in the Arctic summer when the sun doesn’t set.

Hemp growing trial for potential use in Welsh agriculture

29 June 2020

New research on the potential of growing hemp seed and fibre on Welsh farms for industrial purposes is underway at Aberystwyth University.

Climate change could wreck traditional sheep farming in Wales

06 May 2020

Writing in The Conversation, Muhammad Naveed Arshad and Mariecia Fraser from IBERS discuss the problems facing sheep farmers owing to extreme summer weather, and the fact that a continuation of the exceptional heat and drought of recent summers will make it unlikely that Wales can continue to support its 10 million sheep: