Unlocking clover’s potential to reduce fertiliser use – research aim

16 January 2024

Scientists are aiming to unlock the potential of clover and other legumes to reduce the use of fertiliser and emissions from livestock agriculture, thanks to a £3.3 million UK Government grant.

Major research investment into land use transformation at Aberystwyth University

16 January 2024

Aberystwyth University is part of a new expert consortium established to help the Welsh Government and other UK administrations tackle greenhouse gas emissions from land use and agriculture.

Alternative protein push for Europe with new legume partnership

14 December 2023

Aberystwyth University scientists have joined forces with the best plant breeders from around Europe to promote crops that can replace imported protein.

Aberystwyth University showcases research to Ministers in London

18 October 2023

Aberystwyth University scientists have discussed their research with UK Government Ministers at an event in London showcasing the very best of Welsh research and innovation.

Plant inbreeding secret unlocked, shedding light on Darwinian theory

16 August 2023

Aberystwyth University scientists have helped identify the genes that stop plants breeding with close grass family relatives, opening the door to improved varieties of rice, corn and wheat.

Scientists welcome UK Biomass Strategy

10 August 2023

Aberystwyth University scientists have welcomed the UK Government’s Biomass Strategy as an important moment in the transition to a net zero economy.

Soil Voices - a 24-hour performance by Miranda Whall

02 August 2023

Aberystwyth University lecturer and artist, Miranda Whall, will be ‘giving a voice to the soil’ as part of an innovative project showing how art can raise awareness of climate change.

In a 24-hour performance during the weekend of 12-13 August, Miranda will be livestreaming from a ditch high in the Cambrian Mountains.

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