Bezos Earth Fund boost for Welsh food research

24 June 2024

Aberystwyth University research will benefit from being part of $30 million Bezos Earth Fund grant to make global food systems more environmentally friendly, in a global project led by Imperial College London.

Big name debates at Royal Welsh grass and muck event

22 May 2024

Big name agricultural debates will be part of the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society’s annual Sustainable Grass and Muck Event at Trawsgoed farm in Ceredigion next week (Thursday 30 May).

Biomass crop research aims to boost rural economy

20 May 2024

Aberystwyth University researchers are exploring the potential of crops like willow and alder as alternative sources of income for farmers.

The initiative, part of a UK-wide effort, assesses the viability of biomass crops to improve farm revenues and environmental sustainability.

More nutritious white bread could be on shelves, thanks to funding

01 May 2024

Healthier white bread could soon appear on the shelves of bakers and grocers across the UK thanks to research at Aberystwyth University.

Working with leading organic millers Shipton Mill, the team at Aberystwyth will be studying the milling and blending process for white flour.

Drought resistant cereal research ‘vital’ as world population rises – new research fellow

20 March 2024

Aberystwyth University’s world-renowned plant research has been boosted by a prestigious European Union-funded research fellowship.

The esteemed award has been given to Dr Jaykumar Patel, whose work will explore how to make the cereal pearl millet more resistant to drought. 

Aberystwyth University to develop sustainable microbial foods - £14 million project

11 March 2024

Aberystwyth University scientists will help to develop sustainable microbial foods as part of a new £14m project.

Royal Welsh sustainable grass event comes to Trawsgoed

08 March 2024

The Royal Welsh Agriculture Society’s annual Sustainable Grass and Muck Event will be held at Trawscoed farm at the end of May.

New Aberystwyth oats make esteemed National List

05 March 2024

Four new oat varieties bred at Aberystwyth University have received top level approval after being recommended to farmers by the government’s industry board.

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