Breaking the Poverty Cycle

21 November 2012

IBERS attends workshop focussed on sorghum development for East Africa, in Nairobi.

Pig genome

19 November 2012

IBERS scientists contribute to the sequencing of the pig genome which is reported this week in Nature.

Fish follow the leader

19 November 2012

Research at IBERS suggests that shoaling fish follow the leader as it usually knows where to find dinner.

Probing the dark side of life on Arctic glaciers

12 November 2012

Aberystwyth University researchers have measured the “microbial economy” of a glacier for the first time, discovering how bacteria help melt glaciers

Undergraduate Research Covers Microbiology

05 November 2012

IBERS undergraduate research has been published in the prestigious international journal Microbiology

Dr. Jo Wallace awarded grant from URF

29 November 2011

Dr. Jo Wallace has been awarded a grant of £5786 from the University Research Fund to study the effects of creatine supplementation and exercise on bone health. The objective is to develop an innovative nutritional and physical-activity intervention to improve bone remodelling and decelerate the progression of osteoporosis. If successful, this could lead to considerable improvements in the well-being of older people.

Farm Business Survey

28 November 2012

IBERS publishes its 2011/2012 Farm Business Survey Report

Antiques Roadshow

27 November 2012

George the parrot stars in the second edition of the Antiques Roadshow recorded at the Arts Centre, which is set for broadcast on Sunday 2 December.