Dr Marco Arkesteijn

PhD in Sport and Exercise Science&Sport Therapy (2012)

MSc and BSc in Human Movement Sciences (2009)

Dr Marco Arkesteijn

Lecturer in Sport, Exercise and Health

Department of Life Sciences

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I currently teach on various modules related to human and animal health and performance, including Sport and Exercise Science. My research activities focus on promoting functional ability in older adults. I'm also on the National Task Force for Falls Prevention in Wales, and the Sport Wales Advisory Group.

I received my MSc in Human Movement Sciences from the Free University in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I subsequently started his PhD at the University of Kent, United Kingdom. The PhD focused on the role of pedalling technique on cycling efficiency, investigating the relationship between biomechanics and physiology. I've joined Aberystwyth University in 2012.



Research focuses on the multi-disciplinary approach to the various aspects of frailty, including a biomechanical analysis of physical functioning such as gait and postural control, quantifying physical activity and behaviour attitudes, and diet.

Research projects include developing an understanding the mechanisms of ageing, such as the relationship between muscle wasting (sarcopenia) and muscle strength, or the impact of fatigue on daily functioning, but also on community based monitoring of frailty, and specific interventions to prevent frailty (e.g. diet, functional foods, exercise).

Future research is envisaged to incorporate: - Investigating the factors playing a role in falls and frailty of elderly people and developing training programs to promote functional ability. - Educating professionals and the general public about maintaining functional ability across the lifespan.


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