Dr Mathew Jones


Dr Mathew Jones

Partnerships Manager

Research, Business & Innovation

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Date joined RBI and previous employment

Mathew joined RBI in March 2022, having previously worked as a Business Development Officer at the ESF-funded BioInnovation Wales project at IBERS for 3 years. Prior to this, Mathew worked as a Research Development Officer in IBERS for 6 years.

Main responsibilities at previous employment

As a Business Development Officer, Mathew worked with Welsh businesses to upskill their employees through distance learning courses. As a Research Development Officer, Mathew worked with senior academics and industrial partners to identify, promote, and target funding opportunities, plan and organise large strategic submissions and major bids. Mathew also provided specialist guidance and assistance in developing funding portfolios in line with the University’s research strategy.

Education and work experience

Mathew holds a Masters in Chemistry with Professional Experience, (1st Class Honours) from the University of Warwick. Mathew remained at the University of Warwick to pursue a PhD and graduated in 2011 after defending his thesis, titled "Novel Strategies in the Synthesis of Polymer-Protein Conjugates." Following completion of his PhD, Mathew worked on a Knowledge Transfer Secondment with Warwickshire NHS trust. Collaborating with colleagues in Warwick Medical School, Mathew’s role focussed on the development of new glycopolymers for applications in bacterial toxin inhibition and for the purification of pluripotent stem cells. Mathew then undertook a Post-Doctoral Research Associate role at the University of New South Wales, Australia for 12 months. Mathew was employed at the Australian Center for NanoMedicine and worked on several collaborative projects within a multidisciplinary team of researchers at the Lowy Cancer Research Center to develop new delivery methods for cancer therapeutics. Mathew has published 15 peer-reviewed publications and holds a patent.

Experience and knowledge

Mathew has a multidisciplinary background, having worked at the interface between Chemistry, Biology and Engineering. Throughout his time in academia, Mathew led several teams to successful projects, resulting in publications in world leading journals. Having worked in Research Development and Business Development roles at Aberystwyth, Mathew has experience of working with both academics and industry partners.

Main responsibilities within RBI

As Program Manager, Mathew’s role involves delivering on a portfolio of projects designed to improve our engagement, grant capture and impact. This includes increasing the number, value, and strategic relevance of our engagements to stimulate funding avenues in a program of activities that requires developing relationships with individuals, organisations, local and national government as well as international collaborators.

Most enjoyable part of working at Aberystwyth University

Mathew enjoys the opportunity to lead on several large, strategic projects at the University. He particularly enjoys the dynamic environment at RBI and the ability to work across several teams, both internally and externally to the organisation.



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