Free One-to-One Language Consultations for International Students

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we are now offering this service online via video chat. To book please contact

As part of our in-sessional support services, the IEC is offering one-to-one consultation sessions for international students, focussing on English language skills in the academic context.  This is a free service, open to all registered undergraduate and postgraduate students at Aberystwyth University.  Students can meet with an IEC English language tutor to gain advice and guidance on their use of English for academic tasks such as written assignments and oral presentations.  The sessions are up to 50 minutes long and students are entitled to a maximum of 3 sessions per semester.

What to expect from a consultation session:

You will meet with an individual tutor and receive specific help and advice on your academic literacy needs and English language use. Tutors can suggest strategies for you to improve your academic skills and performance. They will also be able to recommend useful resources, and direct you to further support at the university.  

Consultation sessions may typically focus on the following areas:  

  • Writing skills in the academic context; structure, organization, paragraphing, coherence
  • Use of grammar and vocabulary
  • Reading/ listening and note-taking skills.
  • Presentation skills in the academic context; organization, signposting, fielding questions
  • Pronunciation work and appropriate use of intonation and stress
  • Seminar skills; presenting, following and developing a clear argument

The purpose of a consultation session:

The IEC is committed to encouraging independent learning. The purpose of the consultation sessions is to provide you with guidance and advice on how you can improve your English and develop strategies for carrying out academic tasks more effectively.  We do not proof-read or edit your work for you.

Note: IEC tutors will not be experts in your subject area and therefore cannot advise you on the content of your assignments.


Who the sessions are for:

All international undergraduate and postgraduate students at Aberystwyth University can book up to 3 consultation sessions per semester.  The sessions will be most useful for:

a)      Students whose first language is not English;

b)      Students who are relatively inexperienced in studying through the medium of English

There are other sources of academic support available to you in the university too. In particular, there are study support classes for postgraduates and undergraduates, and for students with particular learning needs such as dyslexia.


Advice on preparing for a consultation:

It is a good idea to identify and prioritize particular areas you would like to discuss during the consultation. If you want to discuss your academic writing, please bring some of your work to the session. For example, you may want to provide the tutor with an extract of your written work that represents your problem areas.  You may want to bring essay plans and outlines if you want to work on the organization and development of your essays. Try to come to each consultation with a clear idea of what you want to achieve.


Length, number and time of consultations:

The consultations last between 30 and 50 minutes.  Registered postgraduate and undergraduate students are entitled a maximum of 3 sessions per semester subject to availability. Please contact us to enquire about tutor availability.


How to book a consultation:

To book a consultation, please email  with subject header: “one-to-one consultation”. We will do our best to respond to you within 2 working days.  

Note:  the consultations are not drop-in sessions and are provided by appointment only.



If you need to cancel a session you must notify us at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to  attend a session you have booked without notifying us, you may not be allowed to book further sessions.