Welfare and Support

We want you to be happy and successful during your time at the International English Centre (IEC) and we will do all we can to support you.

All IEC students have:

  • a 24/7 phone number to contact IEC Staff in case of an emergency
  • access to 24/7 Site Security across the campus
  • 24/7 safety & security systems in all student accommodation and individual student bedrooms
  • First Aid trained members of staff within the IEC, and on-call across the university campus, including in accommodation
  • an IEC Contact Card, issued at registration, with useful contact details for the IEC, the University and emergency services in the UK
  • academic tutorials with experienced and qualified teaching staff
  • IEC Social Programme

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Open-door Policy

Teachers, course coordinators and the IEC management team have an open door policy. This means you are welcome to come and see any of us during office hours if you have questions or need any help or support. If we cannot see you immediately, we will arrange an appointment with you.

The IEC Coordinator is the Department’s welfare tutor and is always there to help you if you have a problem.

Personal Tutors

Students on Foundation, Pre-Masters, Target and Pre-sessional Courses will meet regularly with their personal tutors, who can support both your learning and your adjustment to a new living situation and a new culture. Your tutor will work with you to monitor your academic progress, consider your learning needs and help you plan your independent study. If you experience difficulties or problems, your personal tutor is here to listen and to direct you towards further help if necessary.

Residential Support

If you are staying in University Halls of Residence, 24-hour support is available if you have any problems in your room or flat, e.g. you are locked out, are unwell, need a repair or have a problem with a neighbour, we have staff on hand 24 hours a day to help.

During the academic year (September-June), a team of Residence Assistants, who are students just like you, are on-site to help you settle in and make the most of your time at the University. 

In the summer months, the International English Centre employs its own Halls Officers to support students on its courses.

Support for the Under-18s

The IEC has robust and detailed Safeguarding Procedures to ensure the safety and well-being of all its students.

Students who are aged under 18 when they begin their course with IEC will receive additional care. Both they and their parents must understand and accept the IEC’s under-18s agreement (download here) and the rules for the under 18s (download here) to ensure that they are safe while enjoying their time in Aberystwyth.

The UKVI U18s letter  must be completed by the parents/legal guardians of any student under the age of 18.  The completed letter must be presented to the UKVI as part of any Tier 4 visa application for a student under the age of 18.

All IEC students have:

  • a 24/7 phone number to contact IEC Staff in case of an emergency
  • access to 24/7 Site Security across the campus
  • 24/7 safety & security systems in all student accommodation and individual student bedrooms
  • First Aid trained members of staff within the IEC, and on-call across the university campus, including in accommodation
  • an IEC Contact Card, issued at registration, with useful contact details for the IEC, the University and emergency services in the UK
  • academic tutorials with experienced and qualified teaching staff
  • IEC Social Programme

In addition to the support listed above, if students are under 18 when they start an IEC course then we will give them extra help and support:

  • All students who are under 18 will have an additional safeguarding session with the IEC Co-ordinator when they arrive to go over the IEC under 18 rules and regulations
  • All students under 18 must understand and follow the IEC Under 18 Rules. Students might be sent home if they do not follow these rules
  • Students who are under 18 must attend every class. If they do not come to class we will contact them. Students who are under 18 have to let us know why they are not in class. A member of the IEC Safeguarding Team may visit the student in the middle of the day if they are ill to check on the students well-being
  • Students who are under 18 must have a phone that is switched on and charged when they are not in class.  This allows IEC staff to contact them at all times
  • If an under 18 student leaves Aberystwyth for any reason, they must always inform the IEC Co-ordinator so that the IE knows where they are at all times.  They must also complete the IEC Absence Form.
  • During their course, students who are under 18 will have IEC Pastoral Tutorials with the IEC Co-ordinator 
  • Every two weeks the IEC Under 18 Group Meeting takes place. This group will talk about keeping safe and discuss any general problems that they might have
  • The IEC Co-ordinator is the dedicated contact for parents to contact if they have any questions or worries about their child
  • End of semester reports will be copied to parents until their child turns 18
  • Students who are under 18 will be able to join in most of the social programme events (welcome parties, end of course parties, Christmas parties, film nights and walks etc) but will not be able to attend any events that involve alcohol, for example pub tours and wine and cheese parties etc

Visa and Immigration Support

If you need help applying for or renewing a Tier 4 visa, the International Student Advisor can help you with this. The advisor can also provide advice and support for international students on a range of other issues.

Student Wellbeing Service

The University offers a Wellbeing Service. This service is open to all students, and is intended to help them develop the skills to take responsibility for their own well-being and to manage their lives at University successfully.

Faith Space

The University provides a Faith Space, available to all students for prayer and quiet contemplation.

Language and Study Support

The IEC supports students throughout their time at university. We offer undergraduate modules, drop in seminars for undergraduates and postgraduates, free one-to-one language consultations, and writing advice with Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellows for advice on writing. These services are available to all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Aberystwyth University Student Support Services

See the full range of support available for all students at Aberystwyth University, including those with disabilities or learning differences.

Social Life

The University offers many opportunities for social activities. You can join clubs and societies with the Students Union; enjoy the variety of films, music, drama and comedy at the University Arts Centre; get active at the University Sports Centre or get involved in the trips, cultural events and international meals on the Social Programme offered by the International Office.

In the summer months, the IEC runs a Social Programme which includes a full day trip on Saturdays, a half day trip on Wednesdays and two evening activities per week.


Complaints Procedures

We hope that you have a very positive experience at the IEC.  However, if you wish to complain about anything in your course or any other issue, your complaint will be considered seriously, and responded to.

Complaints about your course

Complaints about other things

(e.g. accommodation)

You should normally discuss problems with your Teacher or your Course Co-ordinator first, if that is possible.  Discuss with the Administrative Office staff first.
If you are not satisfied, discuss with the IEC Co-ordinator.
If you are not happy with the response that you receive, you may approach the IEC Director.
It is expected that all complaints will be within the International English Centre.  If you are not satisfied with the IEC’s response, you can make a formal complaint to Aberystwyth University using the formal Student Complaints Procedure.

The IEC is an English UK accredited centre.  If you are not satisfied with the response from the accredited centre, you can contact English UK for further advice.

IEC Student Charter

Your Rights & Responsibilities as an IEC Student

IEC Student Charter

The International English Centre aims to provide programmes of the highest quality. In order to benefit from these programmes, students have certain rights and responsibilities:


All International English Centre students are entitled to:

  • a course which meets their reasonable expectations according to the International English Centre’s publicity
  • high quality tuition
  • fair assessment, where assessment forms part of the course
  • be treated with dignity and respect by other students, staff and visitors
  • a learning environment which is clean, healthy, safe and suitable for its purpose
  • the opportunity to learn without unreasonable distraction
  • guidance and support towards fulfilling their language potential
  • regular feedback on their language development and progress
  • an effective complaints structure
  • advice and guidance on adapting to life in Aberystwyth
  • advice and support on life and study at the university, and health and security matters


The International English Centre is entitled to expect that students will:

  • treat other students, staff and visitors with dignity and respect
  • avoid any behaviour which disturbs the study of others or causes damage to the environment or resources
  • engage fully with their course, attend classes at the correct times, participate actively in class and give other students the opportunity to participate
  • follow IEC and University rules and obey British law
  • report any complaints through the correct channels, and give the International English Centre a reasonable opportunity to make a positive response.

12.2 IEC Discipline Procedures

The IEC wants all of our students to have an enjoyable and academically rewarding time while they are studying with us.

If a student fails to uphold the responsibilities set out in the IEC Student Charter, the IEC staff will work with that student to try to resolve the problem.

However, the University may require that student to leave their IEC course and accommodation without refund of fees or expenses in the event of a student:

  1. behaving abusively, violently, indecently, threateningly or in a disorderly manner
  2. failing to attend or engage with their course
  3. behaving in a way that seriously disrupts the learning opportunities of others
  4. behaving in a way that puts others in danger
  5. behaving in a way that disrupts the activity and administration of the University
  6. engaging in criminal activity against any member of the University (student, staff or visitor)
  7. Otherwise seriously violating the University’s Rules & Regulations https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/regulations/student-rules-regs/

The IEC will follow the University Disciplinary procedures to ensure students are treated fairly and in line with University Regulations.

https://www.aber.ac.uk/en/academic-registry/handbook/student- discipline/