Student Essay Competition

Are we doomed to accept a much more territorially segregated internet in which States or regions erect cyber-borders in an effort to uphold their peculiar cultural, political or legal values as well as protect national economic interests? In other words, to what extent is the future of the Internet emerging as one delineated by sub-global political and legal borders and what are the alternatives?


Joint First Prize


Ben Buchanan, Postgraduate, Kings College London

 ‘All Webs Have Lines: What the Internet’s Borders Mean for Its Complicated Future’


Sugandha Srivastav, Postgraduate, LSE and Parnil Urdhwareshe, Newly Graduated, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, India​

co-authors, no title



Highly Commended


Victoria Harkness, Undergraduate, Aberystwyth University, no title




James Losey, Postgraduate, Stockholm University

 ‘The Internet, Sovereignty and Information Interdependence’


Madhulika Srikumar, Undergraduate, National Law University, India

 ‘The “World-Wide” Web: Arguing for a Global Internet’


Trayana Vladimirova, Undergraduate, Aberystwyth University

 ‘The Internet or the Intranets – Who Will Win?’