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These posters are designed to encourage students to consider studying politics at A Level and then at University.

Study Politics at School & University Posters (English)

Study Politics at School & University Posters (Cymraeg)

NEW! A-Level Politics Workbooks

As part of our response to the disruption to our schools outreach activities we are producing a number of Workbooks for A-Level Politics & Government students. These e-workbooks have been produced to assist students and teachers at A-Level as well as those considering studying politics and/or international relations at University.

These e-workbooks supplement rather than duplicate or replace content provided by schools and colleges. They provide additional material and ideas to enrich A-Level studies and encourage reading and thinking around the subject as a preparation for university-level approaches to study. Some of the material is deliberately more specialised than the A-level curriculum to help students expand their intellectual horizons and deepen their understanding of quite specific but topical and sometimes controversial issues. The approach taken by these workbooks is designed to introduce A-level students to ways of doing research that they will encounter in higher education. The intention is to develop resources that provide engaging, research-based exercises to develop critical thinking, analysis and to widen engagement with key empirical and conceptual aspects of politics and international relations.

The first Workbook in the series is on Contemporary Issues in US Politics.

Students can also find out more about Political Parties in the USA by listening to our own Dr Jenny Mathers.

There will be further workbooks released in the coming months, including:

  1. US Presidential Elections
  2. UK Politics and Brexit
  3. Global Inequalities


When we return to doing our regular schools visits we run a range of interactive workshops for A-Level politics (and other) students based on the workbooks above, but also on Bringing Political Ideologies to Life, the Future of Democracy, International Political Economy and more. A sample is below:

Brexit Booklet - This is an example of one of our A-level focused workshops that has been run in recent years.

Crisis Games

What is a Crisis Game?

Crisis Game Synopsis Ice and Oil - This is a synopsis of one of our recent A-Level one day school crisis game. These are not exclusive to politics and government students but accessible to all A-Level students. We have run scenarios on a range of topics such as an environmental disaster in the Arctic, Brexit, a Refugee Crisis, North Korean nuclear weapons, a major disease outbreak, and US elections. If you are interested in finding out more about these scenario or would like to discuss developing another crisis game scenario please do get in touch.

NEW! Webinar: Climate Change & Political Ideologies

In this Politics webinar for school and college students and teachers, Professor Milja Kurki from the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University asks "How do we Tackle Climate Change and What do Political Ideologies Have to do With It?’

Climate change and related ecological challenges present some fundamental challenges to politics on the planet: local, national and global. But how can climate change be tackled when states and communities often focus on securing their own survival and prosperity, at the expense of others’? And what is the relevance of ‘political ideologies’ in addressing the cutting edge challenges of climate change?

In this session, Milja shows how both classical and more recently developed political ideologies are highly relevant to today’s climate debates and demonstrates how they are tied up with bringing about change – if very different kinds of change!

Approximately 10:30mins into the webinar students are asked to watch a short video (4 minutes) on climate change. Unfortunately, this is not recorded within the webinar but can be watched on Youtube. The webinar discussions and presentation then resume at 14:20mins.

This is part of a series of climate change webinars from Aberystwyth University highlighting our various climate change degree schemes, including our own BA International Politics and Climate Change.

Schools Videos: Ideologies, Concepts, Parties