Engaging with Schools and Colleges

School pupils taking part in a workshop

Here at the Department of International Politics, we are dedicated to providing outreach programmes for schools and colleges across the UK as part of AberWorkshops. Our sessions can enrich A level teaching at schools and colleges in the areas of politics, government, and international relations.

We can offer talks on studying politics and present academic lectures or workshops in different topic areas. Activities can take place virtually via online webinars or sometimes in school or college, or schools can even come to Aberystwyth University campus, subject to availability.

If you would like more information regarding how AberWorkshops can bring our academic experts to your learners, please see ourAberWorkshops Brochure. You can email the Department’s Director of Admissions, Lucy Taylor on lft@aber.ac.uk with any queries and to make a booking, email aberworkshops@aber.ac.uk

We love working with young people. We complement what schools and colleges provide in the area of politics, government, and international relations and are always delighted to provide a taster of the courses that we offer at Aberystwyth University.

If you would like more information then please get in touch with our Department's Admissions and Schools Liaison team, headed by Lucy Taylor.