What is International Politics?


  • International Politics at Aberystwyth University is about understanding and explaining global challenges and developing ideas for change at the international, state and sub-state levels.
  • International Politics is fundamentally an interdisciplinary subject that draws on several subjects, including: poltiics, history, economics, geography, philosophy, law and sociology.
  • International Politics is about the world we live in, the challenges we face, power and struggles, and the opportunities and the obstacles for relations among peoples, societies, states, organsiations.
  • International Politics is about the different ways in how we can think about this world and, therefore, the different ways in how we might understand and tackle the challenges and realise the opportunities.
  • International Politics is about ideas, practices, histories, peoples, and places.
  • International Politics is about the increasingly complex and intertwined nature of local, national, regional, international and global problems.
  • International Politics is about the multitude of actors that shape our world such as states, formal and informal international organisations like the IMF and the G20, non-governmental organisations like Amnesty International, non-state actors like terrorists, multinational corporations or influential billionaires like Bill Gates.
  • International Politics students have gone onto careers in areas such as: national civil services, journalism, non-governmental organisations, politics, teaching, security forces, social and political research, law, international organisations, and many others.