Unipolarity and the Politics of Nuclear Nonproliferation

The project is led by Jan Ruzicka (Aberystwyth University) and Campbell Craig (Cardiff University). It examines how the nuclear non-proliferation regime turned into a liberal institution where the ‘non-proliferation complex’ advocates the pursuit of moderate policies in line with the wishes of the United States and other nuclear powers. The complex justifies problematic practices and stands in the way of the development of revolutionary political initiatives that could move the world closer to nuclear weapons abolition.

Relevant publications 

Campbell Craig and Jan Ruzicka 'The Nonproliferation Complex', Ethics and International Affairs, 27:3, pp.329-48. 

Cambell Craig and Jan Ruzicka 'Who's in, who's out?' Campbell Craig and Jan Ruzicka on the nonproliferation complex. London Review of Books, 34:4,pp.37-38.