Prof. Milja Kurki's Projects

Knowledge Practices of Development Donors and Global Governance Actors.

  • In her research Prof Kurki seeks to understand and revise the conceptions of knowledge development and democracy promotion practices function. So far two publications explore these themes: Causality, Democracy Support and the Cult of the Factish Gods and Stretching Situated Knowledge . She works with development practitioners as well as academic experts to develop new ways of conceiving, gathering and constructing knowledge about democracy, and democracy support.

Cosmology and IR

  • Professor Kurki’s recent work, developed in the context of a book Relational Cosmology and International Relations, explores the implications of changes in how we understand the nature of the universe for our conceptual tools in the social and political sciences, specifically in international relations. She is also interested in investigating the implications for concrete social science research of this implications of the differential orientation to International Relations arising from this work, including its implications for democratisation policy practice and analysis.