Miss Abigail Blyth


General Research Interests

British Intelligence

British Government

Far East (Hong Kong)



Publications and Conference Papers

'British Intelligence, the British Public and State Secrets' International Studies Association Annual conference, Atlanta, 19th March 2016

Report 'Data-PSST Seminar Series Report', Networking Knowledge Media Communications and Cultural Studies Association, 9/5 (2016) 

'Public perceptions of Intelligence' presented at the Centre for Intelligence and International Security Studies 11th Biennial Conference, Gregynog, 5th June 2015

‘What are the impacts of whistle-blowers from the intelligence community upon national security?’ presented at the War and Intelligence Studies: Challenges for the 21st Century Postgraduate Networking Conference, Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, 3rd June 2014

International Studies Association Annual Conference, San Francisco, Panel Participant, ‘The role of Bond and Smiley – Intelligence and Popular Culture: An Under-Explored Theme’, April 2018

British Intelligence Studies Association Annual Conference, London, Roundtable Participant, ‘Constructing our Discipline Through Our Teaching’ June 2019

Funding Awards

ESRC 1 + 3 Scholarship Award Holder


Teaching Experience

Aberystwyth University:

2015 – 2016 IQ32120 Modern China

2015 – 2016 IP31820 Russian Security in the 21st Century

2014 – 2015 IP10320, War, Strategy and Intelligence

2015 – 2016: IP31820 Russian Security in the 21st Century

2016 – 2017: IQ32620 Diplomacy in Decline

2016 – 2017: IP32020 The Cold War

2017 – 2018: IP31820 Russian Security in the 21st Century

2017 – 2018: IQ33820 UK Politics Today

2017 – 2018: IP36320 Contemporary Security: Theories and Threats

2017 – 2018: Global Inequalities Lecture to visiting Vietnamese high school students

2018 – 2019: IP33320 NATO: From Cold War to Hybrid War

2018 – 2019: IP10320 War Strategy and Intelligence

2018 – 2019: IP12420 Politics in the Twenty-First Century

2018 – 2019: IP38320 A War on the Mind: Propaganda and Secret Intelligence from the Great War to the Twenty-First Century

2019 – 2020: IP12420 Politics in the Twenty-First Century

2019 – 2010:IP12920 Exploring the International


Professional Membership

Aberystwyth University, Security Research Group – Co-Convenor

Debating and Assessing Transparency Arrangements: Privacy, Security, Surveillance and Trust – Postgraduate Student: Research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council January 2015 – July 2017: I had responsibility for writing-up seminar reports and making policy recommendations

British International Studies Association Learning and Teaching Working Group Member June 2019 onwards




My thesis examines the key ways in which the public are provided with an understanding of the British Intelligence Services.

The Intelligence Services are something most people are aware of yet our understanding of them is limited due to the necessary secrecy which surrounds their work. However in a liberal democratic country, the Intelligence Services need public and governmental support for their work but public support can only occur through an understanding of them and trust that they are maintaining our national security whilst adhering to the law.

The project centres upon primary research to understand how the British Intelligence Services portray an image of themselves and the ways in which they achieve this, be it through the media, engagement with academia or fictitious portrayals.