Dr Aviva Guttmann

Dr Aviva Guttmann

Lecturer in Strategy and Intelligence

Department of International Politics

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Dr Aviva Guttmann is Lecturer in Strategy and Intelligence. Before joining Aberystwyth, she was a Research Associate at King’s College London (KCL) in King’s Intelligence and Security Group and a Marie Curie Senior Research Fellow at the Center for War Studies at Southern Denmark University (Project: LINSEC). Aviva is the founder and chair of the Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN), which connects and promotes women scholars and practitioners in the field of intelligence studies. Her research focuses on the international relations of intelligence agencies, covert action, and counterterrorism in Europe and the Middle East during and after the Cold War. She has published a monograph on The Origins of International Counterterrorism (2018), is currently co-editing a book on strategic surprise and estimative intelligence, and contributed six articles in three languages to refereed academic journals of history, intelligence, international and strategic studies. She is teaching on topics of intelligence, strategy, and international security.



Aviva’s research foci include:

  • International relations of intelligence agencies,
  • clandestine diplomacy,
  • covert action,
  • the ethics of targeted killings,
  • strategic surprise,
  • terrorism and counterterrorism,
  • EU security integration,
  • the Global Cold War

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  • Thursday 12:30-13:30
  • Friday 12:30-13:30