Dr Charalampos Efstathopoulos

BA University of the West of England MA University of Warwick MPhil University of Oxford PhD University of Warwick

Dr Charalampos Efstathopoulos

Lecturer in International Politics of the Newly Emergent Powers & the Global Order

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Charalampos joined the Department of International Politics in September 2012. He was awarded his PhD at the University of Warwick in 2012 and his thesis examined the diplomacy of India and South Africa in the World Trade Organisation. He is Associate Editor for the International Relations journal.



Charalampos' research interests focus on the diplomacy of emerging powers in global governance. His research examines the relocation of emerging powers in international institutions, and specifically in the World Trade Organisations, the International Financial Institutions, and the United Nations Security Council. Charalampos specialises in the foreign policy of India and South Africa, and in particular the capacity of these states to act as leaders of the global South and operate as bridge-builders in multilateral negotiations. His research also focuses on the relevance of different theories, such as middle power approaches, for understanding the rise of Southern powers.

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  • Tuesday 11.30-12.30
  • Friday 12.30-13.30


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