Dr Gillian McFadyen

PhD (Aberystwyth University) MSc Postcolonial Politics (Aberystwyth University) MSc International Politics (University of Glasgow) BA(Hons) Social Science (Glasgow Caledonian University)

Dr Gillian McFadyen


Department of International Politics

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Gillian joined the Department in August 2016 as a Lecturer in International Politics. She was awarded her PhD from the Department of International Politics, Aberystwyth in September 2014 for her thesis “Colonial Legacies and the Asylum System: Language, Silence and the Portrayal of the Refugee Other”.

Gillian teaches in the area of International Politics and Global Development.  



Gillian's research engages with the theories of postcolonialism, hospitality and labelling, applying these approaches to the figure of the refugee, and has a particularly interest in the practices and policies of the British refugee regime. She is currently in the process of turning her PhD thesis into a monograph (EUP 2020), where she is developing and extending the theories of labelling and Jacques Derrida’s hospitality to the European "Refugee Crisis", examining the British response to the crisis both within and external to the EU. 


Since 2016, Gillian has acted as Deputy Director of Graduate Studies, overlooking the MA in International Politics. She also is the Extensions Officer for the Masters programme. 

As of 2019, Gillian is (co)convenor of four research groups within the department.

- InterPol Documentary Club which meets monthly, picking a wide variety of political documentaries to watch and dicuss.
- The weekly Shut Up and Write Group #SUAWAber- a focused writing group following the pomodoro writing technique. Meets every Wednesday.
- Co-covenor of Stitched Voices: Political Embroidery Group which brings the art of "craftivism" to the Department of International Politics.
- Co-Covenor of the InterPol Masters Seminar Series. A fortnightly seminar for our MA community to explore IR/InterPol further. 

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Monday 11:30-12:30
  • Friday 2:30-3:30


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