Dr Iain Johnston-White

BA (Honours) University of Stirling; MPhil University of Cambridge; PhD University of Cambridge

Dr Iain Johnston-White

Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

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Iain Johnston-White joined the Department of International Politics as a Lecturer in 2016, having previously taught at Sciences Po Paris and the University of Oxford. He obtained his PhD from the University of Cambridge, specialising in the economic, military and strategic importance of Britain’s former settler-colonies in the Second World War. His research interests more broadly include wars of empire, concepts of imperial defence and the use of colonial manpower in warfare. His current focus is on the impact of war on indigenous populations in the British Dominions. His teaching interests include Military History, Strategic Studies and International History.


Module Coordinator


IQ34220,/IQ24220 Intelligence in an Age of Extremes IQ24620/IQ34629 Wars of Empire: From Settlement to Decolonisation IP36520 Warfare in the 20th Century IP35520 Cuban Missile Crisis


IPM0920 Thoughts of War: Strategic Theory & Thinkers IPM0320 Intelligence, Security and International Politics 1900-1945 IPM1020 Contemporary Strategic Problems

PhD Supervision

Wars of Empire; World wars, 1914-45; Alliance warfare; British defence and foreign policy; Military history and strategic studies


Iain’s research interests are in the fields of empire and war, especially the British Empire and conflicts of the twentieth century. His book, The British Commonwealth and Victory in the Second World War, tackles the sinews of war – finance, maritime supply, training and ground forces – examining how the British Dominions facilitated Britain’s survival against the Axis powers prior to full American mobilisation. Based upon research from a multi-national archival base across Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Britain, the manuscript will be published in Palgrave Macmillan’s Studies in Military and Strategic History series. Iain has contributed to international conferences, symposia and talks in Britain, Denmark, France, Canada, the USA and Hong Kong. He is currently researching how the world wars affected indigenous populations in Britain’s settler-colonies.

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