Prof Jenny Edkins

BA/ MA Oxon (St Anne's College, University of Oxford); MSc Inf Sci (City University, London); BA Hons (Open University); PhD (University of Wales, Aberystwyth)

Prof Jenny Edkins

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Jenny Edkins is Professor of International Politics. She has published eleven books, including five monographs: Face Politics (Routledge, 2015); Missing: Persons and Politics (Cornell, 2011); Trauma and the Memory of Politics (Cambridge, 2003); Whose Hunger: Concepts of Famine, Practices of Aid (Minnesota, 2008); and Poststructuralism and International Relations (Lynne Rienner, 1999). She is currently working on the third edition of the successful textbook, Global Politics: A New Introduction, and completing a sixth monograph, Memory, Security, Politics, for Manchester University Press.

Her focus, aside from her own research, is on collaborative ventures that make space for innovative approaches and bring together those engaged in developing them, including most recently the Gregynog Ideas Lab; the highly-regarded Routledge book series Interventions; and the Journal of Narrative Politics. She is co-director of the University’s Interdisciplinary Research Centre Performance and Politics international (PPi). She has contributed to NGO and UK government policy discussions on famine, emergency and missing people. In 2013, she talked about her work in an interview with Stuart Elden.

Her original first degree at Oxford was in physics, with specialisms in nuclear and solid state physics. Her second first degree in the social science

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Current and forthcoming events

Exhibition and Symposium
In April 2017, PPi is hosting a major exhibition Huelas de Memoria/Footprints of Memory and an associated symposium that focuses on questions of absence and presence.

Gregynog Ideas Lab
The sixth Gregynog Ideas Lab takes place from 10-15 July 2017, run this year by Andreja Zevnik (Manchester) and Erzsebet Strausz (Warwick):


Module Coordinator


Current PhD supervision

  • Ira Blaitka
  • Chyatat Supachalasai
  • Yvonne Rinkart (ESRC Studentship)
  • Lydia Cole (ESRC Studentship)
  • Danielle House (ESRC Studentship)
  • Amal Abu-Bakare

Jenny Edkins has supervised more than 20 doctorates to successful completion and examined a similar number; her former PhD students hold posts in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Most recently completed PhD supervisions

Dr Catherine Charrett: A performance in politics: Hamas and the EU through the 2006 Palestinian legislative elections (2014), now Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London
Dr Gillian McFadyen: Language and silence within the refugee regime. (2014), now Lecturer at Aberystwyth
Dr Reiko Shindo: The politics of categories: re-thinking boundaries in translation (2013), now Lecturer at Coventry University
Dr Megan Daigle: Sexuality, the discoursediscourse of 'prostitution' and governance of bodies in post-Soviet Cuba (2012), author of From Cuba with Love
Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly: Killing in the name: searching for 'the political' in political violence (2012), now Assistant Professor at Warwick University
Dr Madeleine Fagan: Responsibility at the limit: the line between ethics and politics (2009), now Assistant Professor, Warwick
Dr Laura Guillaume: War on the body: dramatising the space of the unknown (2009), co-editor of Deleuze and the body

New & continuing research projects:

  1. Missing persons There are contradictions between relatives' demands for the return of the irreplaceable person & the response of officials & political authorities, for whom persons appear as objectified & instrumentalised. Current work explores naming and identification of missing migrants.
  2. Trauma & memory Events we call traumatic may provide an opening to challenge state- & nation-based politics. The current focus of work includes a narrative account of the site of the 9/11 Memorial in Manhattan and an examination of memory and temporality.
  3. Performance & politics The interface between aesthetic politics & political aesthetics and the complex relationship between performance & politics is explored in the Performance & Politics International (PPi) Research Centre and the edited volume International Politics and Performance.
  4. Telling Stories The Telling Stories project involves opening space for narrative accounts in international politics & exploring the implications of this new approach through Telling Stories panels at ISA and Millennium conferences and the Journal of Narrative Politics.
  5. Face politics Deleuze & Guattari note that "If the face is a politics, dismantling the face is also a politics." While contemporary politics could be said to insist on the face & pin us to our faces, Face Politics asks whether there might be another politics, that of the face blind or the faceless, and what that might be like.
  6. Landscapes of detention Confinement without trial in the UK spans sites of detention from internment camps for enemy aliens in war-time to contemporary asylum


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