Dr James Vaughan

BA University College London MA University College London PhD University of London

Dr James Vaughan

Lecturer in International History

Department Director of UG Studies

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Dr James Vaughan joined the Department of International Politics from University College London in September 2002 after a period working as a researcher for the BBC's Middle East Correspondent. In 2009/10 and 2011/12, Dr Vaughan was the Department's Director of Undergraduate Studies.



Dr Vaughan specialises in the history of British and American diplomatic policy towards the Middle East. His PhD thesis, 'The Anglo-American relationship and propaganda strategies in the Middle East, 1953-1957', was completed in 2001 and he subsequently extended this into a major study of American and British propaganda and public diplomacy in the Arab world during the early Cold War period. His current research focuses upon the changing attitudes and policies of Britain's major political parties towards Zionism, Israel, Palestinian nationalism and the Arab-Israel dispute but he continues to publish on British propaganda policy towards the Arab Middle East and Iran.

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  • Monday 14.30-15.30
  • Friday 14.30-15.30


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