Dr Kamila Stullerova

Magister Comenius University MA Central European University PhD Central European University

Dr Kamila Stullerova

Lecturer in International Politics

Department of International Politics

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I joined the Department of International Politics in 2009. My research and teaching interests span across Political Theory, International Relations and Security Studies. I'm is especially interested in normative aspects of security and in international political theory that responds to particular political histories yet is globally focused and normatively committed.

I'm is a member of the editorial board of the journal Society, after I had been an associate editor of the journal 'International Relations' for five years.   


Module Coordinator

Currently I convene and teach the following modules (not all are on offer every academic year): 

Undergraduate: IP2-32220 Political Theory; IQ2-31729 Justice, Order, Human Rights; IP20120 International Relations: Perspectives and Debates (core).

Master's: IPM1120 Critical Security Studies: Contemporary Theories; IPM2120 Research in Politics and International Studies; IPM0520 International Politics (core).

PhD Supervision

I have supervised five PhD projects to successful completion and am currently supervising five projects at various stages. My areas of supervision are: International Relations, Security Studies (with theoretical or ethical emphasis), International Political Theory / Political Theory. 


My research lies at the intersection of International Relations Theory, Political Theory and Security Studies. I investigate the normative potential of the concept of security and the conceptual place of security in theories of (international) politics. I'm especially interested in the depoliticizing tendencies of security as related to security's central role in modern political imagination. I focuses on non-rationalist, sociological and historically contextualised approaches to theorizing politics and her research contributes to the renaissance of classical realism in IR as well as to the work developing on Judith Shklar's, Isaiah Berlin's and Hannah Arendt's ideas in Political Theory. While topically diverse (including the environment, food security, nationalism and human rights), my research gravitates to two theoretical foci: the emergence of normative knowledge out of reflected social practices and the role of politics in pacifying conflict and transitioning out of security-induced emergency politics.


I'm currently the Chair of the Examination Board (undergraduate) and the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies. 

Office Hours (Student Contact Times)

  • Tuesday 10.30-11.30
  • Friday 10.30-11.30


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