Dr Lucy Taylor

BA University of London (Queen Mary), MPhil Glasgow University, PhD Manchester University

Dr Lucy Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies

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Lucy is a Latin Americanist (Argentina specialist) working on questions of colonialism and citizenship in Welsh Patagonia. She is very active in Latin American studies in the UK. She is a co-editor of the prestigious Bulletin of Latin American Research and is a member of the British Academy Latin American and Caribbean Panel and was President (2011-13) of the Society for Latin American Studies, the largest academic society for Latin Americanists in Europe. Lucy speaks English, Spanish and Welsh.



Lucy's current research explores critical approaches to citizenship. She works with decolonial and settler colonial theory, applying these insights to lived experiences in Welsh Patagonia, Argentina and Wales. Her archive-based research asks critical questions of the mythologies that surround the Welsh in Patagonia to explore theoretical insights. These include: the colonial tensions of settler-indigenous ‘friendship’ Welsh Patagonia in global perspective; moral capital, righteousness and political power. Lucy is applying insights from Latin American to disrupt yet enrich the expanding theoretical area of settler colonial studies. With Geraldine Lublin (Swansea), she ran a workshop on this theme in June 2017 and is organising a Special Issue on Latin America for the field-leading journal Settler Colonial Studies, as well as hosting panels at SLAS and LASA in 2018. She is also active in Aberystwyth's multidisciplinary Centre for Welsh Politics and Society. See http://cwps.aber.ac.uk/

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  • Monday 1.30-2.30
  • Thursday 11.30-12.30



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