Paul Blamire

 Paul Blamire


Department of International Politics

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My thesis seeks to intervene into the ontological and post-secular turns in international political thought from the perspective of the work of James H. Cone, a key thinker of Black Liberation Theology. Cone’s thought points in two important directions: Firstly, a destabilization of much current work on political metaphysics (both that which fully embraces a secular frame, as well as that which directs attention back to the Christian canon in the hopes of overcoming certain impasses of secularity), and secondly the provision of a lucid guide for thinking about political metaphysics whilst reckoning with the systematic dehumanization of contemporary political life.


General Research Interests

Political Theory, Political Theology, Liberation Theology, Political Philosophy, International Political Theory, Post Secularism, Ontology.


Funding Awards

ESRC 1+3


Teaching Experience

Aberystwyth University, 2017/18, IP10820 Approaching the Political


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British International Studies Association (BISA) - Member

Religion, Politics, and Philosophy research group: co-convener