Prof Richard Beardsworth

BA (Hons) University of Cambridge MA University of Sussex DPhil University of Sussex

Prof Richard Beardsworth

Chair in International Politics

E H Carr Chair

Head of Department (International Politics)

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Richard Beardsworth holds the EH Carr chair in International Politics and is Head of Department. He joined the department in 2013, formerly Professor of International Theory at Florida International University (2012-2013) and Professor of Political Philosophy and International Relations at the American University of Paris (2005-2011). He has also worked in the field of international public policy (OECD, International Energy Agency and UNESCO, Paris). Since turning to international politics as a trained political philosopher (Derrida and the Political, Nietzsche), he has been concerned with the divide between normative and empirical practices in world politics and the lack of global political vision and global political leadership that this divide helps sustain (Cosmopolitanism and International Relations). Given the historical turn to renewed borders and the collapse in the legitimacy of both domestic and international liberalism, his present research agenda re-addresses Weber's ethics of responsibility in a globalized, fractured world (articles and manuscript: Political Responsibility and Political Leadership in a Globalized, Fragmented World). He is on the editorial boards of International Political Theory and Global Policy. 



Beardsworth's research interests lie in the relations between morality and politics in world politics and in the futures of liberalism. These interests are presently articulated in four ways: (1) most generally, moving normative theory in the discipline of International Relations towards empirical questions; (2) finding a balance between cosmopolitan concerns regarding humanity as a whole and realist constraints in the emerging global order; (3) elaborating the political responsibility of national governments towards global problems; (4) targeting global political leadership.


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