Welsh at Home

Are you interested in learning Welsh vocabulary and phrases suitable to use at home within the family setting?  Would you like be able to support your child in speaking, reading and learning through the medium of Welsh?  Do you have a little bit of Welsh already but lack confidence in using it?   

The Welsh at Home courses give parents / carers the opportunity to learn Welsh that’s relevant to family life, in an informal and fun setting.  You will explore Welsh resources that are available online and games suitable to also use at home.  You will learn songs that children sing at school/nursery and learn a little about contemporary Welsh culture and traditions.

We have 1.5 hour per week courses via Zoom and some face to face courses also.  We work closely with some schools to provide a bespoke Welsh at Home course specifically for the parents. This means that we touch on themes ac activities relating to that school / class.

For more information on Welsh medium or bilingual educations, please go to: https://learnwelsh.cymru/learning/supporting-parents-and-families/