Movement Analysis Laboratory for Health and Performance

The Carwyn James building located on Penglais campus, is named after the distinguished former student of Aberystwyth who graduated in Welsh in 1951 and became a leading rugby union player and coached the highly successful 1971 British Lions.

The building contains 18 specialised laboratories and seminar rooms providing state-of-the-art facilities for physiological, psychological and biomechanical research and teaching.

Muscle Function

This houses a Biodex isokinetic dynamometer, Ballistic Measurement System, and a set of standard Olympic Weights and lifting cage for the assessment of muscle function.


The biomechanics laboratories house a Motion Analysis Corporation 3D camera system with 8 cameras, two moveable AMTI force plates, and an overhead harness system. The main lab has been specially designed with a high ceiling and an integral running track which exits through a full height opening in one wall to allow athletes to uninhibitedly sprint, throw or kick. A wireless EMG system allows the simultaneous analysis of muscle function. In the second lab, a large Kistler force plate, digital video cameras and computerised image analysis software are available.

Portable Motion Analysis and Sports Tracking

The CODA 3D motion capture system, synchronised with EMG and a portable force plate provide the ability to study movement outside the laboratory. Wearable technology equipment consists of accelerometers, gait analysis, GPS trackers and sport specific gadgets (golf, tennis).