Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education (PGCTHE)

Welcome! The PGCTHE is a 60-credit Master’s-level qualification consisting of two one-year modules. Applicants who can evidence either AFHEA or PGCE as prior qualification may enter the programme at module 2, thus taking only one year to complete. 

The core of the PGCTHE is learning about learning. It provides face-to-face and online interaction, CPD sessions, curated resource collections, guidance from a personal mentor, teaching observations, and coursework. We will guide you through pedagogical principles and emerging practices in higher education, developing your ability to reflect on your practice, evaluate learning needs, and apply effective and innovative approaches in your teaching. Please see our curated collection of Learning and Teaching Resources and Aspire Reading List.

Aligned with the Professional Standards Framework PSF 2023, the PGCTHE is accredited by Advance HE. You will become an Advance HE Fellow upon successful completion of the course. The PGCTHE programme is coordinated by Mary Jacob. All details about the programme are provided in our PGCTHE Student Handbook 2023-24/TUAAU Llawlyfr Myfyrwyr 2023-24

The 2025 handbook will be posted on this page in due course.

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Application process

The PGCTHE is open to staff teaching on Aberystwyth University courses. Participants should have at least 40 hours contact teaching time at higher education level over the duration of each module, but there is scope to consider staff with other scenarios on a case-by-case basis. Please email the course team for more information.

The next intake for both module 1 and module 2 is January 2025. The deadline for application is 1 November 2024.

Attendance at induction is required for all students. Induction dates are:

  • Module 1 (PDM0430) 15-17 January 2025 (9:30-17:30 Hugh Owen E3)
  • Module 2 (PDM0530) 7-9 January 2024 (9:30-14:30 Hugh Owen E3)

Please use the following steps to apply:  

  • Click Apply in Welsh or Apply in English.
  • Create a new profile or log in with an existing profile. You must use a non-Aberystwyth University email as your contact information.
  • You will see a screen showing our study scheme, X142 Teaching in Higher Education. Proceed through the screens in the application portal.
  • You must include a brief personal statement with information about the teaching you anticipate doing at higher education level. Include the module name or topic with estimated total hours for next semester (starting from January) and the following semester (starting from September).
  • If you wish to go directly into module 2 based on prior accredited learning, you must include either your PGCE certificate or your AFHEA certificate with your application. Please upload it through the Additional Documents.
  • Please have your Head of Department or line manager send a brief email to the course team saying they are happy for you to join the programme. 

Module 1 Professionalising Your Teaching in Higher Education (PDM0430)

Module 1 focusses on your current practice as a teacher, incorporating reflection, pedagogical literature, and evidence-based practice. How can you find out how well your students are learning? How can you help them to learn better? You will start to develop the theoretical and reflective foundation needed for module 2.

Module 2 Action Research and Reflective Practice in Higher Education (PDM0530)

Module 2 focusses on action research and reflective practice. Through two action research projects, you will apply pedagogical principles to make changes in your teaching practice, assessing students’ needs, planning a teaching intervention, and evaluating how well it helps your students learn. Reflective practice is embedded throughout for continual development of your teaching.