Networks and Events

You can get involved in a variety of networks and events supported and hosted by the E-learning Group. Please see below for further information. 

Academy Forum The Aber Academy Forum is open to members of the university community: teaching staff, postgraduate tutors, administrative / support staff, and students are all welcome. The Forum provides a platform for sharing good practice in learning and teaching. Contact us to add you to the mailing list. Further information is available on the Academy Forum wiki. 

Academy Showcase Twice a year we organise an Academy Showcase webinar with Bangor University across Higher Education Institutes in Wales. Contact us to take part and present something innovative that you are doing with technology in your teaching. Previous examples of the Academy Showcase are available on our blog.

Annual Learning and Teaching Conference The E-learning Group organise the University’s annual Learning and Teaching Conference. This event is a space for staff to come together from across the University to present on innovative teaching and learning practices that they are doing. Our blog contains information on previous Learning and Teaching Conferences. Look out for the Call for Proposals via the weekly email.

Exemplary Course Award The aim of the AU Exemplary Course Award (ECA) is to support staff to enhance their modules on Blackboard and as a platform to share good practice. We are delighted to exhibit the winners at our annual Learning and Teaching Conference. Best practice examples and tours of modules are available on our blog. Request an ECA application pack from us if you are interested in entering the award.

Mini-conference The E-learning Group host mini-conferences in addition to the Learning and Teaching Conference. Previous Mini-conferences focused on themes such as gamification of learning and teaching with tablets. For more information on previous mini-conferences, please see our blog. Contact us if you are interested in proposing a theme for a mini-conference.

Technology Enhanced Learning Group (TELG) The E-learning Group work with the Technology-Enhanced Learning Group (TELG) – a forum for discussing matters related to the intersection between technology and learning and teaching. TELG report to the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Committee and meet four times a year. An academic member of staff represents each Institute. Please contact your Institute representative or the E-learning Group if you would like to raise a matter for discussion.

Academy Showcase

The Academy Showcase is where staff share good practice in e-learning among staff from Aberystwyth, Bangor and other Higher Education institutions. Every year we run two sessions with two presentations each, one from Aberystwyth and one from Bangor. Anybody can join Academy Showcase using the below link.

We look forward this year’s presentations and hope you will join us.

Aberystwyth/Bangor Academy Showcase 2018/19:

21 November, 13:00 - 14:00:  Click here on 21 November at 13;00 to join the webinar.

Using Flashcards to Encourage Student Learning

Dr Basil Wolf & Dr Ruth Wonfor, Aberystwyth

Speaker to be confirmed

20 March, 13:00 - 14:00: Click here on 20 March, 13:00 to join the webinar.

Potential, (un)realised: Is self-regulation the differentiator between our students and what can we do about it?

Dr Simon Payne, Aberystwyth

Speaker to be confirmed


Previous Showcases:


18.04.2018 Using Panopto for Recording Assessment Thomas Wooliscroft & Rob Francis, Aberystwyth
  The Journey to Inclusive Online Assessment & Accessibility Siân Edwardson-Williams, Bangor
19.11.2017  Using Wikis for Student Interaction Victoria Wright, Aberystwyth
  The Use of OneDrive to Support Students Owen Davies, Bangor


28.06.2017  How much Attention are Developers Paying to VLE Users? Emmanuel Isibor, Aberystwyth
  Visualising the past: Experiences of using audio-visual presentations as assessment in History Marc Collinson, Bangor 
02.03.2017 Floating on Air: Using AirServer in Lectures Malte Urban, Aberystwyth
  Embedding “MOOC” principles in a small private online course as part of a new link nurse programme in infection prevention: lessons learnt Lynne Williams, Bangor
23.11.2016 Module Evaluation using QR codes and Online Surveying:  Trialling, Transitioning and Tracking Student Perspectives  Andrew Davies & Laura Mc Sweeney, Aberystwyth 
  Clickers and their role in formative feedback Dylan Wyn Jones, Bangor


09.03.2016   iPad Provisioning for Flexible Teaching and Outreach  Rachel Cross, Aberystwyth 
  Using Rubrics and Online Marking to Make Life Easier and Give Students (Hopefully) Helpful Feedback Ross Roberts, Bangor
08.06.2016   Using Digital Poem-Stories to Enhance Learning in Science Modules Mary Jacob, Aberystwyth 
  WebPA the Peer Assessment Tool Sian Davies, Bangor


25.11.2015 Have You Done the Reading? – Motivating Students by Foregrounding the Purposes and Potential Benefits of the Seminar Session  Kate Egan & Wikanda Promkhuntong, Aberystwyth 
  It’s not Fair! Facilitating Problem-based Learning in Larger Classess With the Peer-Assessment Tool WebPA Katherine Jones, Bangor
13.02.2015 Students as lecture content creators: Recording short student presentations with the use of lecture capture software (Panopto)  Marco Arkesteijn, Aberystwyth 
  Interactive Classroom with Clickers Paul Cross, Bangor
07.05.2015  Using audio feedback, Ayla Gol, Aberystwyth, & The Flipped Classroom  Ayla Gol, Aberystwyth
  The Flipped Classroom Frances Garrad-Cole, Bangor 


06.02.2014  Have You Done the Reading? – Motivating Students by Foregrounding the Purposes and Potential Benefits of the Seminar Session  Kate Egan & Wikanda Promkhuntong, Aberystwyth 
  iPads Gwawr Maelor Williams, Bangor
02.03.2014  Using virtual multi-media technology to increase realism in learning environments  Gareth Norris & David Wilcockson,Aberystwyth
  Use of Online Journals Sara Roberts, Bangor
28.04.2014  Innovative use of computer room for interactive teaching  Nick Perdikis, Aberystwyth 
  Students using Panopto Alan Thomas & Sian Edwardson, Bangor
12.12.2013  Teaching with the Web  Hannah Dee, Aberystwyth 
  First steps to Open Educational Resources (OERs) Matt Hayward & Sian Edwardson, Bangor