Mathematics SSCC

The Mathematics Student-Staff Consultative committee aims to further cooperation between staff and the students studying within the Department. Student representatives, for example from each year group, and staff representatives can raise any issues of wider interest to our community.

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Cynrychiolwyr Myfyrwyr
Student Representatives

Staff Members
Blwyddyn/Year 0: Ethan Atkinson Dr Yuan Shen (Year 0 Coordinator) 
Blwyddyn/Year 1: Daron Beeston, Daniel Skerman Dr Adam Vellender (Year 1 Coordinator) 
Blwyddyn/Year 2: Georgie Massen, Baylee Schutte Dr Adil Mughal (Year 2 Coordinator) 
Blwyddyn/Year 3: Joel Greenwood, Panna KarlingerJames Owen Dr Kim Kenobi (Year 3 Coordinator) 
Blwyddyn/Year M: Chris Svendsen,  Cameron Wilcox Dr Tudur Davies (Year M Coordinator) 
Postgraduate:  Tirion Roberts Dr Rob Douglas (Director of Learning and Teaching) 
Welsh Medium: Anwen Thomas Simon French (Information Services) 
Maths Society: Amy Major Morwenna Jeffery (Careers) 

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