Afshin Davarpanah

 Afshin Davarpanah


Department of Mathematics

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Afshin graduated with a master degree in Petroleum Engineering from the Islamic Azad University, Science and Research of Tehran in 2017. His educational background and training coupled with extensive coursework in mathematical modelling of polymer flooding (which is coupled with the effects of fines migration), the utilization of surfactant and foaming agent in the EOR processes, WAG processes in oil recovery enhancement. His current research in the PhD is "Predicting in-situ foam generation for enhanced oil recovery".


Foundations of Mathematics I


  • Predicting in-situ foam generation: Consider the problem of three-phase flow (oil, dilute polymer solution, air) in complex geometries such as constriction flows. Predict the rate of foam generation and the distribution of bubble sizes in different formations, and their dependence on injection rate, the relative proportions of the three phases, and the polymer viscosity
  • Mathematical modelling of Polymer Flooding: Parametric Study of Polymer Injectivity Performance for Axi-Symmetric Two-Phase Flow
  • Mathematical and numerical modelling of CO2 sequestration

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