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Dr Daniel Burgarth


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Dynamical decoupling of unbounded HamiltoniansArenz, C., Burgarth, D., Facchi, P. & Hillier, R. 2018 In : Journal of Mathematical Physics.59, 3, p. 032203
Driven Quantum Dynamics: Will It Blend?Burgarth, D. 2017 In : Physical Review X.7, 24 p., 041015
Evolution-free Hamiltonian parameter estimation through Zeeman markersBurgarth, D. & Ajoy, A. 2017 In : Physical Review Letters.119, 3, 030402
Positive Hamiltonians can give purely exponential decayBurgarth, D. & Facchi, P. 2017 In : Physical Review A.96, 010103(R)
Remote parameter estimation in a quantum spin chain enhanced by local controlKiukas, J., Yuasa, K. & Burgarth, D. 2017 In : Physical Review A.95, 5, 052132
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