Dr Andrea Hammel

Dr Andrea Hammel


Department of Modern Languages

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Andrea Hammel is Professor of German in the Modern Languages Department and the Director of the Centre for the Movement of People at Aberystwyth University. She is the author of Finding Refuge: Stories of the men, women and children who fled to Wales to escape the Nazis (Honno, 2022) and The Kindertransport: What really happened (Polity, forthcoming 2023). She is focusing on research impact and public engagement and leading a project on Refugees from National Socialism in Wales: Learning from the Past for the Future which is funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund and involves co-curators who are refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Kuwait. One of its outcomes is an exhibition which has been showing at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, the Senedd, the Houses of Parliament and in the Pontio Bangor.


Andrea Hammel's research interests include:

  • the history and culture of refugees from National Socialism
  • Autobiographies and memoirs
  • The Kindertransport
  • Issues of translation
  • German-Jewish literature and culture
  • Women's writing.

Dr Hammel is Committee Member of the Research Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies, IGRS, University of London; member of the Editorial Board of the Yearbook of the Centre for German and Austrian Exile Studies (Rodopi); series aedito of Exile Studies/Exilstudien (Peter Lang); she has received funding from the British Academy, the National Heritage Lottery Fund, Public Health Wales and the Association of Jewish Refugees and Aberystwyth University.


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Hammel, A 2019, 'Narrating the Margins and the Center: Kindertransportees' stories of national and religious belonging', Shofar, vol. 37, no. 3, pp. 203-228. 10.5703/shofar.37.3.0203
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