Dr Geert De Wilde

Dr Geert De Wilde

Senior Researcher and Principal Investigator, Anglo-Norman Dictionary

Department of Modern Languages

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Dr. De Wilde studied at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the University of Leeds. He was awarded a PhD in 2002 for research on "The stanza form of the Vernon/Simeon lyrics, and its relation to earlier Middle English, Anglo-Norman and continental French models". After a Research Fellowship with the Brotherton Library's Digitised Medieval Palaeography Project, he joined the AND editorial team in 2003, where, in addition to the central task of revising entries from F onwards, he has been closely involved in developing the editorial policies and organisation of the AND, while promoting awareness within and beyond academic circles of the importance of Anglo-Norman. He became senior researcher and project leader of the Anglo-Norman Dictionary in 2016. He has published a translation of a Brut Chronicle, and is currently collaborating with Heather Pagan on an edition of Nicholas Trevet’s Anglo-Norman Chronicle.


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