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Rhodri Meilir

Rhodri Meilir

15 June 2011

Universities Week 2011 is now in full swing and two famous faces have lent their support to this event and reminisced about their time at Aberystwyth University.

 Alex Jones, an Aberystwyth graduate and a presenter of the BBC’s The One Show, commented: “I have very fond memories of my days at Aberystwyth University. Based within a relatively small geographical area, it is inevitable that the boundaries between university and town become blurred and I believe this is what makes it so special. Apart from the obvious academic benefits you gain from attending such an institution, university life is invaluable in helping you become more independent and understand who you are as a person. It definitely provided me with a good grounding for my career and my life in general.”

Alex graduated from the University’s Department of Theatre, Film, and Television Studies in 1998 and other than The One Show, has also worked as co-presenter of Let's Dance for Comic Relief, formed part of the BBC team for The Royal Wedding 2011 and presented the United Kingdom's points in the Eurovision Song Contest 2011.

Another member of the University’s alumni is Rhodri Meilir; best known for his role on the BBC’s My Family series, he has also played roles on Doctor Who, Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather, Patagonia, Y Pris and Caerdydd. He said: “University life went beyond my initial expectations and provided me with an excellent start to my career.  Aberystwyth is a great place to study and I have some fantastic memories of my time there. My three years at Aber gave me much more than a degree, it provided me with numerous life skills, unbeatable friendships and ensured that I’m now part of a global network of Aber alums!”

Rhodri also studied at the Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies.

Other well-known Aberystwyth University alumni include:

  • HRH Prince Charles, studied Welsh and Welsh History here in 1969 
  • HRH Muhriz Tuanku Munawir, ruler of the Malaysian state of Negeri Sembilan, 
  • graduated in Law 1970 
  • Melanie Walters, actress (Gwen in Gavin and Stacey) graduated in Drama in 1983 
  • Sharon Maguire, Director, Bridget Jones Diary, graduated in English and Drama in 1982
  • Belinda Earl, Chief Executive, Jaeger, graduated in Economics in 1983 
  • Tom Singh, Founder, New Look, graduated in International Politics and Geography  in 1970 
  • Catherine Bishop, Rower, Silver medal in 2004 Olympics, MPhil International 

Politics in 2005 

  • The Right Honourable Carwyn Jones, First Minister of Wales, graduated in Law in 1988