Veritas University Challenge Winner Graduates

Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

12 July 2011

Christopher Smith, a student at the Department of European Languages at Aberystwyth University and the winner of this year’s prestigious Veritas Language Solutions translation competition, graduates today.

Christopher, originally from Essex, graduates with a Bachelor of Arts 2:i honours in European Languages having read Spanish and French as his major subjects and German as his minor.

Christopher recently competed in the Veritas Language Solutions translation competition which invited students from universities in the UK, Spain and Italy to put their linguistic abilities to the test by translating pieces from one language to another.  Not only winning the category of best translation from Spanish to English, Christopher also secured the prize for the best overall translation. 

The competition judges said: “Christopher was the highest scorer overall in the contest, and his translation was a joy to read. We all agreed that he had the best reasons for wanting to win the internship here, and he showed a unique understanding of Veritas and our ethos.”

Following his graduation, Christopher will be completing an internship with Veritas before moving to China for a year to teach English.

Christopher commented: “I’m delighted to be graduating today and look forward to what the future has in store.  I’ve had a fantastic time as a student in Aberystwyth and am sad to leave the University and town which has been my home for three years.  However, as a graduate of the University I now feel that I have a sound base upon which I can develop my career as a linguist.”

Professor David Trotter, Head of the Department of European Languages said: “I'm delighted that Chris won this prestigious competition. That he did so is above all testimony to his own hard work and linguistic expertise, and in addition, confirmation that we are doing a good job in our language-teaching".