Jean Monnet Chair

Dr Elena Korosteleva

Dr Elena Korosteleva

05 September 2011

Dr Elena Korosteleva, Senior Lecturer in European Politics in the Department of International Politics and Director of the Centre for European Studies, at Aberystwyth University, has been awarded a prestigious Jean Monnet Chair for teaching European integration studies.

Dr Korosteleva is one of only three Chairs awarded to UK higher education institutions this year and this appointment represents a significant milestone for the development of the recently re-launched Centre for European Studies.

Dr Korosteleva said, “I am honoured that the European Commission has chosen both me and Aberystwyth University for this award. The Jean Monnet Chair is conferred on higher education institutions which demonstrate excellence in teaching European integration studies, and the work of the Department of International Politics and the Centre for European Studies has been recognised as world class in this respect. The innovative nature of the Centre for European Studies, being a research-led learning centre with a strong student voice, was highlighted by the Jean Monnet action evaluators as a major factor in this decision.”

Commenting on the award, Professor April McMahon, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University, said: “I congratulate Dr Korosteleva on her achievement and for bringing such an accolade to her department and the institution. The Jean Monnet Chair recognises the link between teaching and research which is crucial to our mission at Aberystwyth, and I am delighted to see this positive acknowledgement of the interdisciplinary work of the Centre for European Studies. I wish her every success in the role.”

The Jean Monnet programme aims to stimulate teaching and research in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions within and outside the European Union.

Launched in 1989, the programme is now present in 62 countries throughout the world, and around 740 universities offer Jean Monnet courses as part of their curricula. Between 1990 and 2010, the Jean Monnet Action has helped to set up approximately 2250 projects in the field of European integration studies, including 150 Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence, 823 Chairs and 263 permanent courses, 944 European modules and 30 research groups.