Record recruitment

Aerial image of Aberystwyth University.

Aerial image of Aberystwyth University.

06 September 2011

This year Aberystwyth University has experienced a record number of student applications.  This, together with an above average number of students achieving their grades has resulted in an exceptional year for student recruitment. 

Professor Martin Jones, Pro Vice-Chancellor said: “We feel privileged to be in this position.  Aberystwyth University was the only Welsh university not to enter clearing this year which is testament to the high quality teaching and learning provision at Aberystwyth.  A year on year strong performance in student satisfaction has resulted in a record number of students accepting a place at the University.”

At a time when the number of students from Wales is in actual decline, Aberystwyth has increased the numbers of students from Wales by 4% and in areas of high national priority.

Aberystwyth has broken all records in recruitment to Mathematics and Physics. Numbers of acceptances are up by 24% and 58% respectively (well above national trends for acceptances to these subjects which stand at 6% and 12.6%).

Modern Foreign Languages is another area where growth at Aberystwyth has been spectacular, an increase of 47% on last year.

As a result, accommodation in the town and within University residences is at a premium.  The University is confident however that it will be able to meet its housing guarantee for first year students through the provision of a series of innovative and flexible measures.

In addition to a new hall of residence which will be complete by the start of term, the University is introducing a number of bunk rooms.  These rooms will have two single beds or a bunk bed in each room and provide a range of benefits to its occupants.

Professor April McMahon, Vice-Chancellor of Aberystwyth University said: “Bunk rooms have proved a popular solution at other universities and allow us to provide accommodation to more of our students in this exceptional year. 

“The room set up ensures that first year students who are more often than not leaving home for the first time are able to quickly make friends with other students in a similar situation.  It also recognises the growing pressures on the finances of students and provides an affordable option against a backdrop of increasing costs.”

The University will also be investing in considerable resources to ensure that students continue to enjoy one of the best student experiences in the UK.

The University is working with Aberystwyth University Guild of Students to ensure the success of the bunk rooms.  Ben Meakin, Guild President said: “Although bunks are not ideal, at least they will provide a bed for students. We are working to ensure that any student in a bunk room will receive the fantastic experience that Aberystwyth is renowned for”. 

The introduction of bunk rooms also ensures that the University is able to support students who are yet to secure accommodation in the private sector.  Students who have applied for a room within University residences will receive offers of accommodation during the next week.