Reconfiguration announcement welcomed

The Old College

The Old College

30 November 2011

The announcement made by the Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews AM, that Aberystwyth will not be expected to progress to a formal merger with Bangor University at this stage, has been welcomed by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor April McMahon.

Speaking after the announcement, which was made at the Senedd on Tuesday 29 November, Professor McMahon said: “We look forward to serving the interests of Wales as a successful independent institution but in closer collaboration with our friends and neighbours at Bangor.”
The Minister said that he accepted HEFCW's advice that Aberystwyth and Bangor Universities should substantially widen and deepen their existing strategic partnership, but that he did not expect this partnership to progress to a formal merger at this stage.

"I now look forward to continuing my discussions with John Hughes, my counterpart in Bangor, about the exciting ways in which we can take our institutions forward.  This is excellent news for us, now let’s continue the good work!" added Professor McMahon.

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