University apps

20 December 2011

Aberystwyth University is rapidly establishing a name for itself in app development.

In March 2011 technology transfer staff at Commercialisation and Consultancy Services (CCS) won a Fast Forward award from the Intellectual Property Office for a project about effective use of copyright and trade marks for which it received £30,000 to address the apps market from a HE sector standpoint.

And at the beginning of September the University hosted the UK’s first conference for the developers of apps for iPhones and iPads which attracted more than 170 delegates from the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, Finland, Holland, Ireland and the USA.

The University also organised a competition for staff and student app developers in the form of the ‘mobile apps challenge 2011’.

This week in Guardian Professional, Rhian Hayward from CCS outlines how the team here at Aberystwyth are working to realise the commercial value of the University’s technologies and expertise via the apps market.