Mae Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco

Mae Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco

Mae Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco

23 August 2012

Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco is a Welsh adaption of Decky Does a Bronco; an original script written by Douglas Maxwell and created and performed by Scottish theatre company Grid Iron.

Decky Does a Bronco was created in 2000 and became a massive hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, winning a Scotsman Fringe First Award. It went on to tour in both Scotland and England and was nominated for the TMA/Barclays award for Best Touring Production 2001.

In 2011 Wales Millennium Centre embarked on a project to create a Welsh language version of Decky Does a Bronco…and so Ma’ Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco was born.

Written and adapted by Jeremi Cockram, Ma’ Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco is produced by Wales Millennium Centre in association with Theatr na n’Óg.

Ma’ Bili’n Bwrw’r Bronco is an outdoor theatre performance set around a park swing. To "bronco" a swing, you stand on it working up until level with the bar, kick the swing over your head and jump beneath it.

Tickets available for Saturday 25th September, call 01970 62 32 32

Performance starts at 6pm.

Price: £12 (£10)