Operation Iceberg

Life on the glacier. Credit Katrin Lindbäck

Life on the glacier. Credit Katrin Lindbäck

19 October 2012

Aberystwyth University glaciologist, Dr Alun Hubbard has featured this week  on Channel 4 News. A film crew joined Alun and the team of researchers aboard the SV Gambo, on the Greenland ice sheet.http://www.channel4.com/news/unprecedented-greenland-ice-melt-may-change-weather

Later this month, Operation Iceberg, a ground-breaking expedition featuring the SV Gambo begins on BBC Two, in which a team of film makers and scientists document the life-cycle of icebergs from their birth to death, hoping to reveal new scientific knowledge.

You can find out about the work carried out at Store Glacier, West Greenland, by Alun Hubbard and the crew of SV Gambo at The Greenland Ice Sheet

Operation Iceberg begins 30th October on BBC Two.