Art on show

Ruth Jên Evans has been working on sheep ear-markings

Ruth Jên Evans has been working on sheep ear-markings

22 May 2013

Art works by around 70 undergraduate and postgraduate students, including work by well-known printmaker Ruth Jên Evans, are currently on show at Aberystwyth University’s School of Art.

The works form part of the School of Art’s 2013 Undergradate Degree Show and Postgraduate Exhibition which runs until Thursday 30 May.

Ruth Jên Evans is widely known for her Welsh Lady prints, and is studying for a Masters Degree in printmaking.

For the past two years she has been working on artwork based on sheep ear-markings in her local area of Ceredigion which is a mixture of printing and multimedia work.  

She explains, “These ear-markings are handed down from generation to generation and differ from farm to farm and are used to denote ownership. The work developed from research I did into patterns of cloth and the wool industry in the Tal-y-bont area, near Aberystwyth.

“Through speaking with farmers in the area and about wool, the topic of ear-markings came up and then I started to gather information about them in the Ceredigion area.

“Since studying at the University, I have had the opportunity of developing and researching new work but more importantly, I’ve had time to think and experiment with new methods and materials.

“The lecturers give a great deal of their time to students, the department is extremely professional in both its teaching and its resources and also has a warm and supportive atmosphere.”

As well as showcasing student art works, there is also an exhibition of works from the University’s art collection. UGLY has been curated by students as part of their work on staging an exhibitions.

Professor Robert Meyrick, Head of the School of Art at Aberystwyth University, explains, “The UGLY exhibition conceptualises ugliness as a means of debating themes of decay, domination, consumption and violence. By enabling a dialogue between works of art spanning six centuries, we attempt to articulate an ‘ugliness’ that might not be self-evident in the works considered individually.”

Some of the student’s work on display, which includes prints, illustration, oil paintings and photographs, are on sale and range from £25-£300.

The work will be on display in the School of Art at Aberystwyth University until Thursday 30 May and is open weekdays from 10am–5pm. For more information, visit the School of Art web-site, type #uglyart on Twitter or visit the Aberystwyth School of Art Facebook page